Creative Ways To Mark Your Bingo Cards

September 11, 2009 - 4:12 pm No Comments

Want to mark your bingo cards with something other than giant green daubers? Here are 3 creative ways to mark your bingo cards:

  1. Candy – Small pieces of wrapped candy make great markers and ensure everybody wins in the final round!
  2. Stickers – If you have access to small stickers that go along with the theme of your custom bingo cards, (sign up for a free trial!) work the stickers into your call list and let the peeling & sticking fun begin!
  3. Animal or Goldfish crackers – This should be self-explanatory. Playing with food before it is eaten might be against the rules at the dinner table but it makes for good bingo fun! By the way, Cheez-it’s (or other small square crackers) make perfect bingo markers.

Bingo cards aren’t the only thing you can customize to make the game more exciting. Feel free to play around with different kinds of markers to make the experience more fun. Enjoy!

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