Easter Bingo – For Older Kids

September 3, 2009 - 10:58 pm No Comments

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Here is a way to play Easter bingo for kids that is slightly more difficult than usual and can be good for older kids who enjoy being creative with words.

This is the “Easter Egg” version because it goes beyond the bright easy exterior of the game and adds some interactive education at the center. Just like an egg!

Here’s how you play:

Whenever you call out a word from your list, pick a child or two to name an associated concept or put the word in a sentence.

For example, if you called out, “Easter Bunny” you would follow up your call by asking one of the players to tell the others about something involving the Easter bunny.

As you use the custom card creator regularly to build new versions of your favorite bingo games, the inspiration is sure to come. Be creative and make sure your children or students are not the only ones having fun!

Image via Flickr

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